In 2018, Mrs. T’s Pierogies partnered with Long John Silver’s to add Classic Cheddar Mini Pierogies to their menu during Lent season, as a menu alternative to French fries. 23 stores in Central PA, Western PA and Ohio participated.

The Pierogies vs Fries Advantage

  • Pierogies have a 45 minute hold time vs 10 minutes for fries
  • Less waste vs fries
  • High appeal across all age groups vs just fries — and a kid favorite


  • Pierogies on plate produced higher profits than fries
  • 4 Minis for individual order
  • 13 Minis for family order

POS Support

Custom Mrs. T’s POS materials created awareness and increased demand

Waitstaff Support

  • Suggestive selling techniques raised awareness:
    “Do you want pierogies and slaw with that?”
  • Operator team contests and incentives drove product push

Promotion Results

Long John Silver’s 2018 Lent pierogy promotion was a resounding success: customers of all ages love them!

  • Cross Country Ventures sold 152,787 Mini Pierogies during Lent – and have added them as a year-round, every day menu item.
  • Corporate stores sold 30,000 Mini Pierogies during Lent.