Staying Profitable in Uncertain Times

Navigating through the COVID-19 crisis has been challenging for everyone and every business. Restaurants have adapted by retooling menus and staffing models.

This means continually searching for menu items that provide solutions for these new workplace, staffing, and service limitations, as well as the new consumer demand.

Pierogies are a great example of a product that provides solutions to many of these challenges. They are easy to prep and provide you with a cost-effective, high margin menu option, and your customers with a delicious, comforting meal experience.

Delicious, Simple, and Versatile Solutions

With limited inventory and menu simplification due to today’s challenges, restaurants are doing everything they can to stay profitable and keep customers happy. That’s where Mrs. T’s Pierogies come in.

Mrs. T’s Pierogies are frozen, so they can be easily stored and provide efficient portion control. They are also quick and easy to prepare—which is a major benefit with limited staffing.

Pierogies are perfect for any daypart. They can be deep-fried or baked for main dishes. Prepare them with seasoning or dipping sauces for appetizers. Sauté pierogies with veggies for a main dish or satisfying side—perfect for the vegetarian consumer.

In uncertain times like these, pierogies provide feel-good food options for your consumers and they help keep your operation running efficiently and profitably.