Add Comfort to the Menu

Pierogies deliver a creative menu solution for operators, and a classic comfort food experience for customers.

Comfort foods have always been a staple on quick-serve menus. Some customers use comfort foods as a method to reward themselves. Others enjoy them because the food brings back happy memories. Whatever the motivation, your customers are checking your menu for familiar foods they love because eating them makes them feel better.  

Comfort Food Solutions for Any Menu

One simple way for quick-service operators to respond to customer’s comfort food cravings is adding always-popular pierogies to their menu options. Everyone loves comfort food favorites like pasta and potatoes. And then there’s pasta stuffed with whipped potatoes, cheese, onion, and other exciting flavors — pierogies are a guaranteed success.

Cost Effective & Delicious Menu Options

Not only are pierogies a cost-effective, high margin menu option, their versatility and simple, easy prep make them a favorite of the kitchen staff, too. Delicious pan-fried with butter and onions as a main dish, deep-fried with dipping sauces as an appetizer, or sautéed with veggies and spices as a satisfying side, pierogies are a quick, cost-effective way for operators to add feel-good food options to the menu — and strengthen their bottom line.

On-the-Go Customer Satisfaction

Pierogies are also a perfect fit for delivery and grab & go, where their excellent hold times and travelability help keep customer satisfaction levels high. Add in their fun factor and popularity across all age groups, and they’re a winner for practically every operation.

Whether it’s dine in, takeout, or delivery, Mrs. T’s Pierogies deliver the feel-good flavor and comfort customers want — and the versatility and profitability every operator needs.